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Salmon Fishing Scenes

Top left: Dad - Northwest Miramichi

Bottom left: The leaper in Nova Scotia

Center: Escoumins River, Quebec

Bottom right: Kitza River, Russia



Presentations are available for angling clubs and conservation organizations. Please contact Ben for booking and more information on the presentations listed below.

Traditional Techniques for Broodstock Atlantic Salmon

     For anglers in and around Connecticut, broodstock Atlantic salmon fishing is one most reliable ways to catch a large fish in fresh water. For anglers who fish for sea-run Atlantic salmon in Canada or Europe, the broodstock fishery is a good way to practice presentation close to home and for a minimal investment. For anglers new to Atlantic salmon fishing, this fishery is a great way to learn the techniques used to catch Atlantic salmon around the world.

Topics include:

Locations of the fishery (Shetucket and Naugatuck Rivers)


Equipment: fishing with one and two handed rods

Identifying salmon lies and typical holding water

Salmon behavior

Fishing strategies: wet fly, dry fly, tube flies and the riffling hitch

Fishing in a rotation

Fly selection

Fighting, landing and the safe release of salmon

An Introduction to Tube Flies: Fishing and Tying

     European anglers have used tube flies for decades. Despite their advantages, tubes are much less frequently used in North America. As time goes on, tube flies are becoming more popular in our fresh and saltwater fisheries. This presentation will outline when, where and how to use tube flies. 

Topics include:

Tube fly advantages

Comparisons of tube/hook sizes and weights

Tube fly styles

Fishing surface and subsurface tubes

Hook selection


Tube fly and hook storage

Tube fly tying tools and materials

Tying tips and techniques

Affordable Atlantic Salmon Fishing

     Often referred as the "sport of kings," Atlantic salmon fishing has the reputation of being unaffordable to the average angler. While it is possible to spend vast sums of money in pursuit of the "king of gamefish," good fishing can be had for reasonable prices if one knows when and where to go. For American anglers, Canada offers a variety affordable options. Each Canadian province has its own unique run of fish and its own set of rules. Run timing, regulations, and access can be confusing to new salmon anglers. With an understanding of the basics, a productive Atlantic salmon fishing trip is possible for anglers of all means.

Topics Include:

Provincial regulations and access information
License and access costs
An overview of public, private, and lottery water
Tips on choosing a guide (when necessary)
Overview of the fishing season
Strategies for single anglers and pairs/small groups
Lodging and travel information
Miscellaneous cost saving tips

Fly Tying Instruction/Demonstration

Fly tying instruction is available for individuals or small groups. Fly tying demonstrations are available for groups of any size. Areas of speciality include but are not limited to: Classic Atlantic salmon flies, modern Atlantic salmon flies, artistic/creative display flies, tube flies, wet flies, streamers, and bucktails.